BeMiGuest is the platform that people love -as it offers you someone’s home, flat or apartment as a place to stay instead of showing you a hotel. In fact, it can also recommend someone’s garage to park the brand new Toyota you bought last week – only if you look for it.  And you want to rent out the extra property, you are always welcomed to become a host on BeMiGuest & make some cash for yourself on the go.

Of course, we see BeMiGuest as an emerging powerful player in the hospitality industry. The disruptive business model is admittedly a big factor, there are numerous features of BeMiGuest that truly set it apart from the rest. Well actually not one nor two, there are a plethora of features that make BeMiGuest what it truly is.

But still, people are not actually well aware of the idea of  BeMiGuest. To those, well, here’s what you need to know:

How Does BeMiGuest Work?

BeMiGuest is an online marketplace that allows people to rent their properties to other people in exchange for rent. There are plenty of conditions for listing / searching a property: from a shared room to a whole home, to a swimming pool to a storeroom or a garage! Images of the property and hosts/guests with a full map listing are available on the application so that the guests can have a look before confirming the booking! For more details, please check our article on how BeMiGuest works.

Bemiguest app screenshot

Why People Love It/Why Should People Love It?

Well, the answer to this is a combination of factors, including financial ones mainly. Guests get great value the properties they hire at a wide range of price points, between a few pounds a night to hundreds, and often in desirable locations where the expense of a typical hotel is infinitely greater.

Hosts can cash in on spare space, maybe if kids flew the nest and a spare bedroom is open, or they own a pool they don’t use or an empty garage. 

What Are The Other Benefits?

Nevertheless, there is more than a monetary impetus: many guests like to stay like a local and get restaurant suggestions from people who are really in-the-know, while many hosts also enjoy meeting new people and showing off their home. Moreover, the platform is highly secure and safe. Bookings are hassle-free and so are the refunds!

Is It Really Easy To Book?

Yeah, yes, very much. Once a verified profile (which can be linked to social media) has been created by the user, he or she can send out a message to the host and either book instantaneously or submit a later booking request. Hosts will display availability calendars-most are kept up-to-date-and they will tell you all the facilities they’ll be providing.

If you’re traveling through, though it’s not advisable-many people don’t take reservations for just one night.

What Are The Hidden Charges?

It’s not really ‘hidden,’ but in addition to their standard nightly fee, most hosts can add a charge for cleaning. When booking, this is always made clear.

How Do You Actually Get A Property Without Any Reception?

Upon booking, you and the host will usually coordinate and will decide by what time you should reach the selected property, etc. It could be at the estate itself, or if it’s difficult to find, most people agree to meet and go from there in a more central location.

And What’s Next Then?

They’re going to show you around the house, send you local facilities and travel information, then explain where to leave the key when you leave.

But Are People Trustworthy On BeMiGuest?

Yes, Totally! First, there is the peer review process where hosts and guests can give honest reviews to each other; comments can only be posted after a reservation has been made.

Then there is the Verified ID system that validates the identification of people by matching them with social media and other offline documents such as photo ID scanning (this system is currently only compulsory for last-minute reservations).

Can You Trust The Written Descriptions?

As with anything online, there’s always the risk that things aren’t as they seem when you see them in flesh – but that’s where the reviews come in; only book with good ones elsewhere.

What About The Payments?

As a guest, when you book through a secure network, you pay in full, and hosts will receive the money 24 hours after guest check-in.

And What If you Want A Refund?

Refunds on BeMiGuest are also very easy. If your case falls under the refundable guidelines of BeMiGuest, you get your refunds in 2 working days!

What’s There For The Hosts?

For both guests and owners, Airbnb has a 24-hour customer hotline. And especially for the hosts, they have special provisions under which all the grievances are taken care of! BeMiGuest offers extra, suitable home coverage for hosts as well.

For more information, please visit or download their application form the App Store or Google Play Store!

For more details, please check the FAQ page.