BeMiGuest's Features 101

Gone are the days when you had to look for a broker or property agent to locate a decent property to rent.  Today you can literally do anything & everything on your own – be it finding a property to rent or hire. Well, the on-demand economy has been advancing by leaps and bounds. Amidst this booming economy is a player called BeMiGuest which has radically transformed how people will hire and rent properties from now on!

BeMiGuest offers you someone’s apartment as a place to stay instead of showing you an hotel. In fact, it can also suggest someone’s garage to park the brand new Toyota you bought last week – if you look for it.  Also, if you want to rent out the extra property, you can become a host on BeMiGuest & make some cash for yourself as well.

Of course, we see BeMiGuest as an emerging powerful player in tomorrow’s industry. The disruptive business model is indeed a big factor, but what feature of BeMiGuest truly sets it apart from the rest? Well actually not one nor two, there are a plethora of features that make BeMiGuest what it truly is. 

Here are the features

  • Earning Opportunity

First things first, BeMiGuest provides you with an opportunity to earn money. Yes, with BeMiGuest you can put your junk property into good use, by permitting people to rent them and pay you in return.

And the best thing is, it is not necessary that you can only list your house or apartment for someone to hire it. But you can literally list anything – from your living room to your entire bungalow, from your garage to your storeroom. Everything is acceptable here.

  •  Search Feature for Tenants

The BeMiGuest application provides you with an amazing search feature that you can use to find out the kind of property that suits you best. Just open the application, open the homepage, tap on the search bar & type what you’re looking for.

Also, you can enter the location where you are looking for the property, the dates and you’re in. You can have access to thousands of beautiful properties in any area you want.

  • Price Range

The Tenants while searching for any property get the option to sort the search results based on the price range as well. They can set a precise price range and all the results will fall under that particular bracket only.

Also,  they can search using  filters like:

  • Cost Per Week Basis.
  • Cost Per Night Basis.
  • Cost Per Hour Basis.

  •  Social Proof 

Irrespective of the type of property you want to hire, BeMiGuest allows you to have the liberty to see how was the experience of the people who hired the place previously. 

BeMiGuest strongly believes in customer service & authenticity, which is why they always ask the customers to drop their honest reviews about the experiences. This also works as a quality control mechanism for BeMiGuest as they weed out all the rentals which frequently obtain poor reviews.

  • Images & Loads Of Images

BeMiGuest is all about images and good quality images. You’ll find images in the entire application but they’re the most crucial in the apartment listings.

BeMiGuest ensures that the property-owners showcase quality images in their property listing so what the potential tenants can make decisions easily by looking at the authentic images of the property they’re looking to hire. 

  • Safe & Secure Transactions Using i-Coin.

BeMiGuest is using blockchain technology, i-Coin for encrypted transactions. i-Coin is a form of cryptocurrency which can be used within the BeMiGuest application to make safe fast & reliable transactions between the property-owners & tenants.

Also, users can have a look at all their payments using the payment history feature as well. 

  •  Real-Time Chat Features

Another outstanding feature of BeMiGuest is the in-app chat feature, which allows Property-Owners & Tenants to freely communicate within the application.  This is a really handy feature as the users of the application will be able to interact with each other, reverting to each other’s queries before confirming or making a booking, without even leaving the application.

  • Properties Of All Kinds

There is no specified set of properties that can be listed on BeMiGuest. In fact, BeMiGuest is a platform that allows us to turn our liabilities of all kinds into money-making assets.  Be it your garage, home-clinic, music room or the living room alone, you can list anything & everything here!

And this is really helpful for the tenants as well, because, besides generic properties like apartments & rooms, the can find so much more here on BeMiGuest.

  • Clear Presentation of the Information

Tenants & Property-Owners get to see all the required information about each other using the BeMiGuest application. For instance, the Tenant will be able to see the personal details about the Host along with the crucial information about the Listing like the number of rooms available, the basic house rules and the amenities which are associated with the house.

On the other hand, the Property Owners will be able to see the general information about the Tenant and the reviews & ratings by the previous hosts of the tenant.

Besides all this, the app uses multiple symbols and bold highlighting to help the user scan all the important information easily.

BeMiGuest is indeed an amazing option in which one should give a shot when it comes to hiring and renting properties without burning a massive hole in your wallet.