We discovered that by enlisting the help of co-hosts, many listing hosts were able to grow their businesses. While it is up to you to decide to collaborate with a co-host, we will share some helpful tips from other hosts that have done so in this post.

Co-hosting Formats:

The hosts of listings can use a co-host in various ways. Here are some of the approaches we’ve learned about:

  • As A Support Provider:

Hosts find people in some situations to assist with offline or online support duties, such as managing guest calls, setting and cleaning up, or shopping for supplies. Many hosts indicated that having someone perform these tasks allowed them to concentrate more on the quality of their property experience.

  • As A Stand-in:

Many hosts used co-hosts in their absence to provide the full experience. This could be irreversible, or a way to extend into other areas during a seasonal period. Many hosts have done this during high-demand times of the day to boost versatility.

  • As A Language Specialist:

Here the hosts can use the other person’s expertise in any other language to communicate better with any guest.

Finding Co-hosts

Finding Co-hosts: 

People can find a co-host for their business in many possible ways. Some of the most useful ones being:

  • Their own networks.
  • Friend or family members.
  • From social networking websites like Linkedin or Facebook. 

Please bear in mind that you will still be responsible for the quality of the experience as the main host and that any adverse co-host review will be noticeable on your listing’s page. Likewise, any co-host conduct that violates our Terms of Service or Experience Host Terms will lead to your experience being disabled and probably even your BeMiGuest account being deleted. 

Compensation For The Co-hosts:

Hosts have many ways to make up for those who support them to run their experiences. You will have to comply with regulations in your region if you think of paying someone to perform services on an event. Various countries, states, and cities have different requirements and regulations for licensing. As a host, it is your responsibility to make sure that you abide by local laws and regulations.

Most hosts use a concept of revenue share, which means they give their co-hosts a portion of the booking value. For each interaction, other co-hosts pay a fixed amount or use a hybrid of these two models.

Note these choices and note any responsibilities and other legal requirements set for your region by the relevant government body. This could include issues like voluntary fees, health and safety in the workplace, and work permits if your co-host comes from a foreign nation. Many hosts may need to receive other licenses or registrations. It can also be a confusing area and it may be a great idea to contact a lawyer or your local candidate in order to understand the laws that may apply to you. For guidance, you may also be able to contact your local chamber of commerce or small business group.

How Having A Co-host Helps Your Business Scale Faster 

Well, enlisting co-hosts can really help you with expanding your company by adding new dates to your property page, or completely new a new listing. Here’s how it helps:

Scaling Becomes Easier

You will essentially be in two locations at once by adding on a second host of your property’s experience. It will enable you to increase accessibility, without compromising quality, during high-value timeslots. 

You can get assistance with other activities if your experience relies on your knowledge and expertise. For example, some hosts used co-hosts to control their message or calendar. Some did it for handling shopping, set-up, or cleaning co-hosts.

You may consider training someone to match an apprenticeship with your level of expertise. We also heard that some hosts are delegating the simpler parts of their experience and seeing co-hosts gain skills and trust over time.

Growth Can Become More Manageable

On the other hand, some of you may find success on BeMiGuest with the help of a co-host and later on host your primary gig. This is because co-hosting prevents many hosts from burning-out, which is the sole cause of a decrease in the quality of the hosting experience they offer to the guests!

Also, You Can Expand Your Market

Another way for a co-host to expand your company is by growing your options for language. Through translating your offerings and requirements into another language, you will attract more visitors from around the world. This may be an enormous market and a huge opportunity for you to attract visitors who would otherwise have been unable to take up your experience.

Based on their type of experience, hosts have approached translation in two ways. It would be sufficient to translate the page of your property listings that do not rely on language.

It’s up to you and your company whether or not you start working with a co-host. Some hosts used them to help scale or incorporate interactions in different languages in a manageable manner. Experiment yourself to figure out what works for you with your own business.