Today, searching for a parking space is more difficult and painful than ever for most of the U.S. drivers.

In fact, it is one of the major problems in developed as well as emerging urban areas in the country. Following the swift incense of the ownership of cars, many cities have been affected by the shortage of car parking areas. There is a massive imbalance between the supply and demand for car parking areas, which can be considered as the initial reason for most of the metropolis areas’ parking problems. 

This disparity is partly due to inefficient land use planning and space requirement misjudgments during the initial planning stages. Parking space scarcity, excessive parking fees and traffic jams due to travelers searching for a parking spot are just a few examples of daily parking problems.

In statistical terms, on average, every vehicle owner spends about 17 hours every year looking for parking spaces in the suburban areas. According to an INRIX analysis, a leading specialist in connected car services and transport analytics, this 17-hour search every year costs an estimated $345 per driver in wasted time, fuel and emissions.

This problem worsens in large cities. In major big cities, drivers face the most difficult challenges. On average, in big cities drivers spend 107 hours a year searching for parking spaces in New York, the hit hardest urban area of the United States, the study said. Surveys add up to what the report estimates at $2,243 per driver, plus $4,3 billion for the Big Apple, in waste time, fuel, and emissions.

Many reports state that Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, and Seattle are the top five cities with the hardest parking experiences.

Although the regulations approved by the government and authority make parking more structured, technology can also help to tackle parking issues. The Pottstown-based startup, BeMiGuest, is one such organization. BeMiGuest is a smartphone-base application that enables you to locate a property that you can rent and, if not in use, to rent your properties, including houses, garages, and even parking to others who are looking for them.

In this way, BeMiGuest gives you the ability to make passive income. BeMiGuest facilitates ordinary people like you and me to rent properties in a hassle-free manner, without burning a hole in our pockets & make money out of it. By renting our property on BeMiGuest, we can explore the full potential of our under-used or unused properties like our parking space. And the best thing about BeMiGuest is that it allows you to list properties of all kinds, ranging from private apartments to spacious villas, home clinics to private swimming pools.

US paking problem solution

So How BeMiGuest Helps With Parking Problems?

Okay, anyone who has a spare parking space can rent it for parking to others. Such space can be available on any property you own, like the parking space of your bungalow or your home garage or even in your garage which can accommodate a vehicle.

Anyone can sign up as a Host (parking space provider, in this case) and fill out certain information easily by using the BeMiGuest app. These include images of the parking area, the time frame for which it is available, the price available for parking facilities and a certificate of ownership. The property will then be reviewed and the location will be available in the listing in the customer’s mobile app within 24 hours after it has been accepted. The same Mobile app helps a guest to control room and bookings. The user is able to compare parking prices for different slots in neighboring areas using BeMiguest’s platform. They can also choose them according to their own budget or proximity.

As a cloud-based system, the property owner can obtain data in real-time about their everyday revenues, the guest log-out time along with the complete information on the owners of the vehicle, which improves property security.

Hence, property renting platforms like BeMiGuest is one of the best solutions when it comes to solving parking-related problems in the country, and the best thing is – they provide earning opportunities to the general public as well, making them realize the true value of their unused and underused properties by putting those properties into good use!