How Much Can Your Garage Earn For You?

Well, getting your property listed on BeMiGuest is very much like hosting business of your own. Like you’d do for any time of normal business, here also, you’ll have to take adequate care of the reputation of your listing, keep the cost low & figure out ways to increase the revenue now and then.

Only after optimizing your listing, the associated prices and reviews you feel that you’ve hit a wall of potential earning. But that is not the case my friend. There are many other things that affect the amount of money you can make with BeMiGuest. If your pricing is above an optimal rate, the occupancy of your property will diminish over time. Henceforth, we can infer that at a particular price point, you’l’ kinda maxed-out your property’s earning potential.

Of course, you will have the option to list another property if BeMiGuest allows, but that is also not feasible for everyone out there. Even if you can swing it, the supplementary workload is something you wouldn’t want on your shoulders because it will be heavier than what you’d like to put into your hosting business.

So, the question is, you have listed your Garage on this amazing platform called BeMiGuest and you want to know how much can you actually make from your listing?

Well, on average, after you have completely stabilized your reputation and goodwill on the platform, we can say that you’ll be surely able to make $700 to $800 every month if your garage is getting rented on regular bases.

That’s the normal case. But there is a catch, the amount of money can make via BeMiGuest varies from person to person, place to place & the property to a property of course.

For instance, you own a garage that can occupy two vehicles at the same time, whereas your competitor Sam has listed a garage that can only accommodate one vehicle at a time. In this case obviously, you’ll be able to earn double the amount which Sam can. In the second scenario, let us assume you have listed your garage which is located in a really good neighborhood, let’s say in the center of your city. On the other hand, Sam has a garage on one end of the city and he has listed his garage on BeMiGuest as well & his garage can accommodate the same number of vehicles as you can. In this case, also, you will be able to earn more than Sam, simply because you’ll have the convenience of a better location.

Then the type of your garage, the variety of storages available and all the additional services or amenities you offer also make a huge impact on your average earning as well.

If you are actually very inquisitive about the sum of money you’ll be securing, you can always list your Garage on the BeMiGuest platform where the application itself will show you an estimated average number.

If you have your own garage or an extra garage for good, BeMiGuest is actually a decent way to make some extra cash. There are a wide number of benefits of becoming a BeMiGuest host – from reducing your workload to getting a little too much of cash every week or month!

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