Mostly in our house, we have some extra space that we would be able to use for business purposes. Not having adequate information of the same can be incredibly frustrating, however, and may even cause you to land in a deal that is not sufficiently productive. Here we offer you five ways from the additional space you have to make some cash.

  • BeMiGuest

If you really are amongst those mainly traveling people, then for some days you can rent your flat, apartment or condo to travelers or tourists. To do this, you’d first need to enroll as a BeMiGuest host and tell them all about the house/property in which you’re renting. Not only that, but you can you approve the visitors who show interest in your estate individually. If you are a good BeMiGuest, you can expect to receive loads of money when you take care of all things properly.

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  • Public Storage 

You can rent out the additional space you have at home to individuals that have some things they want to store away from home. That holds true in the case of people who have limited space in their residences and would love to get all of the items stored elsewhere. In order to get the maximum number of takers, you may need to advertise your public storage but stay away from fraud and their likes.

  • Parking Space

Parking vehicles & finding the space to park is a big hassle in meters. In addition, just in case an individual has more than one vehicle, he is needed to park his other vehicle somewhere else! You can use it to your benefit if you have plenty of parking space and share it with a person who feels the crunch of space. Give your parking area to someone you know fairly well enough, however, as choosing a newbie will cause you additional trouble.

  • Pool 

People are fond of fun, and we’re no different. And there’s nothing more enjoyable in the summer than having a lovely poolside celebration with our loved ones. But the thing is – it’s agonizingly expensive to hire pools. So if you already own a pool, you can rent it at lower rates than other people and make some extra cash to fund your own parties!

  • Room Renting

If you have a room that’s somewhat aloof and you’re ready to share it with someone else then that’s a smart idea as well. Such facilities are commonly referred to as the rental service for storage units in the USA. People going to college or a new job starter are looking for cheap housing and you can get one that suits your needs. In this case, a background check is a must, and this should certainly be done in this situation.

  • Home Clinics

So in case you are someone who has an extra or old unused clinic at your place which no one uses, well, it’s a good thing for you. You can rent it out to a doctor who is willing to use one & is looking for a home clinic as well. There are many ways you can do this, but not every method is a safe one. Thus, we suggest you practice caution while choosing the right person! 

 Now, there were some of the best ways to use your extra property, but that isn’t the best thing about it. Because probably you’ll have to do a lot of hard work to get those properties famous, get some tenants/guests, do the security background check, etc, right?

Well, no, not anymore. Today there are numerous websites where you can get your property listed, from where customers can find about your properties and hire them.

BeMiGuest is one such website, by the best one using which you can make some extra cash from your unused properties. And the best thing about BeMiGuest is, it is not limited to houses only, you can literally rent any property of every kind with it. It is the one-stop solution for every person who aims to get their property rented without getting into any hassles. So if you’re thinking that your property is getting wasted, stop worrying. Simply log-on BeMiGuest and start minting money, and we assure, a steady income will follow you!

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