How to List Your Property on BeMiGuest: A Beginner's Guide

Setting yourself as a BeMiGuest Host is an amazing way to earn money by putting your unused property into good use. BeMiGuest is a platform that enables regular people like you and me to run a business using our unused properties – by letting people rent them & pay us in return.

When it comes to what sort of property can you rent on BeMiGuest – there is no certain type specified. In fact, on BeMiGuest you can literally list anything to everything – be it a garage, a home-clinic, music room or even the living room of your house alone. And this feature is what makes so simple & unique at the same time.

But, have you ever wondered how to actually become a BeMiGuest Host yourself?

Well, worry no more we are here to help you with all your doubts all the way from how to list your place to how much money can you make via BeMiGuest. So, let’s get started. 

How To Become  A BeMiGuest Host & List Your Property

The process of becoming a BeMiGuest host consists of several steps. They are:

  • Step 1: Setting Up Your Account

Well first things first, you’ll have to create an account on the BeMiGuest platform. Your account is going to be your face in the world of BeMiGuest. Once you have it,  it’s a fairly straightforward process afterward.

 So download the application form the App Store of your device & then, click on “Sign Up as Property Owner” and fill the required information. Once done, you’re good to go.

  • Step 2: Giving The Required Information

After setting up the account & giving all the personal information required about you, now it is time to give the information related to your property to list the same.

When you’ll proceed with listing your property, you’ll have to provide all the information related to the type of property you’re listing, the location of your property to all the amenities are you offering along. Also, providing the authentic & verified images of your properties is a must.

After doing so, you also get the option to Properties Rules for future tenants. They are nothing but the Dos & Don’ts for them. 

Are pets allowed on your property? Are they allowed to smoke or drink on your property? You can mention all these guidelines in your property listing only to cut down the future hassles.

  • Step 3: Setting Up Your Calendar

The next step is to figure out when is your property going to be available for the Tenants. 

Obviously, you have to provide the property in a good usable condition & to prepare the property or to get it ready, you need time. A couple of days perhaps will do. So that you can set in the settings so that there must be a certain gap of days between a Tenant’s Booking and their arrival so that you have enough time to prepare.

  • Step 4: Setting Up The Price

This is the final step, where you have to set the price or the rent for your property. A good tip to start the pricing process is to go along with the prices of your competition.  Do your research & take a look at what other hosts in your area are charging. 

Based on the type and size of your property, BeMiGuest will also suggest a price. It will be completely your wish to accept or reject or change that price. 

In case you aren’t happy with what you’re making, you can always change the price later on.

  • Step 5: Going Live.

Now, after you have set up your account, your property & the pricing as well, your listing will go live & hundred of potential customers will be able to see and rent your property.

How Much Money Can You Earn As A BeMiGuest Host?

Well, if you are pondering upon becoming a BeMiGuest host, your intentions are more likely to take it as a side-hustle and not as a full-fledged business. The amount of money can make via BeMiGuest varies from person to person, place to place & the property to a property of course.

For instance, a person with an entire apartment listed will make more money than a person with just a living room listed. Secondly, a person who has listed his apartment located in the city will make more money than someone with the same kinda apartment outside the city.

Well, if you are actually very curious about the amount of money you’ll be making, you can list your property following the aforementioned steps and BeMiGuest will show you an estimated average number.

If you have your own property or some unused property for good, BeMiGuest is actually a decent way to make some extra cash. There are numerous benefits of becoming a BeMiGuest host – from easing your workload to getting a little too much of cash every now and then. 

So what are you waiting for?  Visit Now!