Finally, it is that time of year when everybody – friends, family, relatives, everybody gets together. Yes, you guessed it right, it is Thanksgiving time! It’s usually spent by having a big hearty dinner with family, and we all know how fun it is.

More than 50 million Americans traveled to celebrate Thanksgiving with their loved ones last year. Since travel and accommodation demand is pretty high during this time of the year, hotels are generally fully reserved and overpriced as well and do not necessarily offer guests the best option available.

You should highlight and promote this in your listing if your vacation rental has plenty of room to offer. You might now understand this, but plenty of room for a large number of guests in your vacation rental is one of the biggest competitive advantages you hold over hotels & other small rentals. And you, my friend, should totally exploit this opportunity!

So what are you gonna do with your business this holiday season? Well, because according to us, Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to market your business!

Here are six amazing ways to market & promote your vacation rental surrounding this special time:

Leverage That Beautiful Kitchen Of Yours

Well, the truth is you can easily get your rental on the top of the traveler’s list if you offer them a spacious property with a kitchen with it to a large family. Guests these days are looking for a wide-open space to cook and enjoy a delicious meal with their family, so yes, your kitchen is probably your selling point. So don’t forget to include professional pictures of your kitchen, and showcase your place as a warm and welcoming house. Make your potential guests envisage cooking a delicious Thanksgiving mean at your rental! 

Promote all the appliances devices you’ve installed in your kitchen that’d make cooking a Thanksgiving meal easier –not only just the turkey, but also for every side dish! Showcase all your big oven and your utensils in the kitchen, travelers love that!

Don’t forget to include small tools for preparing a Thanksgiving meal, such as a gravy jug and a meat thermometer or the carving set Make sure you include in your list all of these appliances and kitchen tools. Your guests will feel comfortable knowing that they won’t have to get little things by themselves or buy anything later on.

Also, if you have a big backyard garden & the barbeque set including the grill, list that in the description as well. Guests could use all that too!

Decorate The Dining Area

Not only the kitchen needs to stand out, but also the dining room needs to shine out as well, after all, that’s where the guests will spend hours eating! It might be a good idea to show a table arrangement, all prepared for the guests so that they’ll know they won’t have set it up on their own. You can even supply some extra decorations, such as napkins and candles, including a pumpkin centerpiece or some flowers.

Proffer Grocery Services

Thanksgiving Day is a traditional national holiday that pays gratitude for the food collected from the harvest. If guests have taken a trip in from outside the city, they will have to buy all the food necessary for preparing the meal. If your visitors get there late in the evening before Thanksgiving, they might not have time to go out and buy it all. You can, therefore, decide to pre-order any food for them and add it to their payment at the end, only after contacting them beforehand. Applications like BeMiGuest allows you to have a chat with your guests even before they book your property, so yes, you can utilize such amazing tools to communicate easily! And if suitable, you can arrange a turkey for them.

In case your guests want to do their own shopping, give them a list of local vendors from where they can purchase their food supplies and don’t forget to include the best places to buy a turkey!

You can even leave them with some pre-frozen meals, like a homemade pumpkin pie.

Include Fun Activities

Thanksgiving is a time when family friends and relatives get together and celebrate together! Many guests wish to do some fun family activities while some only want to unwind & relax after such a big meal on their day off. 

Include engaging & fun activities that suit everyone, family-friendly such as pumpkin picking or apple picking. Guests may want to play football in the backyard for more physical activity, so you can provide a ball and even some jerseys for easier separating and differentiating the teams.

Provide a collection of board games, such as Scrabble and Monopoly, something the entire family can enjoy together as well. Arts and crafts for kids are a great idea! That day, there are also a number of televised events going on, such as the Thanksgiving Parade and a soccer game.

Highlight The Key Point Of Interests

What’s the next biggest event after Thanksgiving? The next day; Black Friday. 

Black Friday is when massive sales and discounts are open to all companies and retailers, and your guests may want to partake in the new offers and lower price items. 

If you’re close to a major shopping mall, your guests will love the day after being able to get the most out of Black Friday sales. It would be an amazing idea to take or guide them to all the shopping centers in the area, intimate them with the opening hours and directions for getting there.

Make sure you have a stable internet or WIFI connection, in case your guests might want to shop online. 

On the day itself, your guests might want to go for a walk after having a huge delicious meal. Therefore, include all local parks to which they can go. Mention the best places to visit if your rental is located in a tourist spot. 

If you’re in a city or area that doesn’t have as many things to do, offer great cafes, pubs, cinemas or bowling alleys, etc. Perhaps there is a specific dish in the area that is recommended by everyone? Or a unique cooking style in your area? In your welcome book, you can include all the points of interest

And Lastly, Promote Thanksgiving Itself

Promote the holiday and the entire holiday season itself. Advertise an atmosphere that is family-friendly and pet-friendly. The notion of peace and Thanksgiving itself should be stressed.  Using candles or diffusers to add some fragrance to your home, such as nutmeg and cinnamon.

Foster not only Thanksgiving but also the fall! Think of outdoor pictures showing falling leaves or a light snow dusting, and interiors featuring a cozy log fire, spice-scented candles, a range of board games and books, a fall wreath at the window, or some hot chocolate warming on the stove. Make sure that the front door has cozy comforters and scarves and hats in the bedrooms.

Add gifts such as seasonal fruit and great local wine in your welcome box. Write a note expressing how cheerful you are on their arrival & thank your visitors, giving them a personal touch. 

Thanksgiving is the ideal chance to promote your rental if your rental is a cabin. In fact, planning and marketing your Thanksgiving vacation rental will give you a head start and give you ideas for Christmas. 

And you’re good to go now! Before Thanksgiving, six great ideas to scale up your rental’s advertising to make the most of that mindset of “weekend getaway.” Utilize these recommendations to catch last-minute schedulers and tell them why this year’s US holiday is the perfect place to celebrate your rental.