You’ve been pursued from one practice space to the next and the only practice place that you’re left with changes $49 per night. To make things even worse, in that dodgy freight elevator you have to take your gear up to the seventh floor, and use a good part of your paid time goes into setting things up and then breaking things down. It’s time to explore some different rehearsal space ideas, or you’ll be turning into a jam band by default because you won’t be able to work out any new content pieces.

Well, worry not, because we got your back.

Here are a few ideas and suggestions for places where you can practice will might and heart.

Storage Facilities

Such self-storage sites (really only one-story buildings made of garages) may sound like strange places to play music, but they still have a couple of things in their favor. They’re typically in industrial areas where loud noises can bother no one. Quick none of them have someone staying upstairs. They are easy to load from and into. And many have been governed by upstart business owners rather than major corporations. Local business people are looking for new ways to make money and they don’t make any money if they have empty garages.

So what are you waiting for? Visit a couple of local storage moguls and see if they’d let you one of their empty spaces by the hour. And of course, test to ensure electricity is available. You may need to hold a long extension cord, but that beats street practice.

Warehouses After Hours

You will need to have to know someone who’s in business for this alternative. It doesn’t matter what business they’re in; your friend just wants to have leverage over a room that’s empty after closing and doesn’t have a next floor apartment up.

Warehouse acoustics are not the best of course. Retail outlets are much better. A friend in business and a trustworthy relationship are the only ingredients needed here. One member of the goofball band leaving their garbage in the room or hauling off company property and it’s over, thus people need to be accountable.

Fan Houses

Who’s going on all your shows? How much do your fans know? Odds are, some of your mates became fans of you and vice versa. You have a great chance to chat with people when you’re playing a game, and see if anyone wants to help you out.

Community Centers

Believe it or not, most of the towns and cities have buildings reserved for anyone who might need them with different rooms, offices, and workshops available for free, cheap, or in exchange for some sort of voluntary work. These are often public spaces run by some sort of community organization. Participants will know where to find these places in the city government, as will those interested in an arts endowment or grant program. If you are fortunate, studio spaces could be available for recording so you can record your practice sessions. Isn’t it awesome when people are actually trying to help local artists?

Schools & Collages

If someone in your band finished high school or went to college, you probably have access to resources you didn’t think of. You don’t have to be in one of these rooms as a student to practice; you just need someone in power to key you in, possibly a favorite teacher who’s glad to see you still making music.


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