Privacy Policy

June 4, 2019

Greetings from BeMiGuest. We proffer our users the opportunity to turn their house into a source of passive income by renting it to tenants. At  BeMiGuest, (“BeMiGuest”, “We”, “Us” Or “Our”) we are devoted to assuring and preserving your privacy. Our Privacy Policy presents a comprehensive description as to how we may use your personal information which you provide us or we collect via any legal means. Our Privacy Policy may receive periodical updates. We will change the date at the top of the policy with every change we make, thus we urge you to review this Privacy Policy periodically.

Information we collect from you

We may collect information about all of our user’s basic behaviour if they use our website or our mobile application.

Data related to your behaviour can be collected and processed, whenever our website or mobile application is accessed by you.  Some of the approved methods of data collection are:

  • We can collect information which our users’ present us when they sign up via their email account;
  • All the information which they grant us during their sign up using their social media account;
  • If you use BeMiGuest application, we may collect data via the communication within the app (e.g., engagements with the mobile application, pages visited, purchase history, user searches & notes, etc.) usage logs & location data;
  • We may collect traffic data, user behaviours, user’s response to promotions, any other type of interaction with BeMiGuest website or emails if you visit the BeMiGuest’s website;
  • Behavioural data such as opening, reading, forwarding, clicking through, subscribe or unsubscribe, response to promotions or any other email behaviours may be collected, in case our users receive emails form BeMiGuest;
  • The BeMiGuest app may collect specific data automatically (e.g., the type of mobile device a user uses, unique device ID of a user’s mobile devices, the IP address of the user’s mobile device, user’s mobile operating system, the type of mobile Internet browsers a user uses, and data about the way user uses the app);
  • Data about the location of a user’s device. BeMiGuest app collects specific data about the location of a user’s device. It tracks the path, the places user visited, the pictures, videos, comments user made and user’s interactions with the user interface. BeMiGuest app also uses the location information to provide demanded location services and learn user’s travel habits to provide our users with tailor-made offers based on their requirements. We also use the same information to share it with third parties for their individualistic use; and
  • We may also acquire information from additional sources (e.g., social media, third-party partners).

Use of your information

BeMiGuest can utilise your (our users’) data for business, analytical, testing, marketing, and other promotional purposes.

Data saved and collected about the users allows us to enhance our mobile application and website for the users only. We may utilise the user’s data to enhance our business or provide the users with regular updates, alerts, and notifications/messages about BeMiGuest’s new apps, announcements, products, services, or separate marketing services. BeMiGuest may also utilise user information to promote other services, products or deals to our users from our partners.

To understand our user’s needs and to provide them with better service, we may join or merge information we get from other sources. We may use the user information to identify and interpret usage activity, trends, and suspected breaches to our policies.

BeMiGuest is based in the United States, hence all the data we gather is governed by U.S. law. By obtaining our services or presenting data to us, you willingly consent to the processing and transfer of your information in and to the U.S. and other countries.

Storing and processing our users’ personal data

We stock our collected data and will do our best to keep it unharmed.

The personal information we collect from our users, we process it on our servers in several countries across the world. Your information may get processed on a server stationed outside the country where you live or travel. To keep our users’ information secure & in agreement with our Privacy Policy as outlined here, we take all reasonable precautions possible. We use guarded servers to guarantee proper data storage. All communication holding personal information is kept encrypted for safety measures.

While we take the necessary steps to keep your data protected, the transportation of data over the Internet can never be completely secure. We do not and we cannot ensure the protection of data collected electronically or transmitted and you consent to not hold us liable per your reception of this Privacy Policy. As a result of our incapacity to guarantee security, you are submitting your data to us at your own risk. Where needed a security key may be required to access areas of our apps or websites. You as a user of our app or website are accountable for the safety and confidentiality of the password (security key) you generate.

Sharing or disclosing our users’ information

We may share or disclose our collected data to third parties.

We may share the personal data we collect about our users as follows or as otherwise described in this Privacy Policy:

  • The data collected about our users can be shared to any member of our company or affiliated person or company (e.g., employees, contractors, consultants, subsidiaries, vendors, holding companies & their subsidiaries);
  • In acknowledgement to a demand for data if we believe declaration is in accordance with any applicable law, regulation or legal process, or as otherwise required by any applicable law, rule or regulation;
  • We may share or disclose users’ information during  the negotiations of, any merger, sale of BeMiGuest’s assets, acquisition or financing for all or a part of our business to any other company or on completion of any such transaction;
  • To provide products and services to our users which include the following: to process orders they’ve may place; to aid those who help us in designing and operating the mobile application or help us analyze the data collected; to send our users information via email or app notifications about our products & services, offers, and news we think might interest our users which may correlate to products, offers, and news of BeMiGuest or our commercial partners; to analyze use and learn about the interests of our users in total and also on a personal level to better understand your interests and needs, so we can improve our products and services and deliver to our users the type of content, features, and promotions that they are most engaged in;
  • We believe in good faith that revelation is critical to safeguard our rights or business health, protect our user’s safety or the safety of others, or investigate fraud;
  • With our user’s consent or at their direction, including if we notify them through the Service that the information they provide will be bestowed in a particular manner and they provide such information; and
  • We may also share any aggregated or anonymized data that does not directly classify any of our users.

Third party use

If any third parties use our tools or content to make suggestions to our users, in that case, they have their private privacy policy that we do not endure any liability or responsibility for. Third parties must also admit full liability and responsibility for the consequence of their usage of data shared by us.

We may have some third parties may use our data and/or technology to make suggestions. This is not limited to – but includes – hotel concierges, tour guides, friends of travellers, etc. We do not own any liability or accountability for their privacy policies, which are based on our lack of control over these third parties.

All third parties using any of our data and/or technology must first acquire our consent in advance. By using our data and/or technology, they also hold full liability and responsibility for the consequences of their usage of data and/or technology. To stay obedient with our policies, third parties must take commercially reasonable actions, compliant with applicable & enforced laws, rules and regulations, to protect all data collected.

Analytics services

We may allow other entities to scrutinise our business and user data.

BeMiGuest may authorise other entities to present analytics services in relation to the Service. These entities may utilize cookies, web beacons and other technologies to gather data about our users’ use of the Service and other websites, including their IP address, web browser, time spent on pages,  pages viewed, links clicked and conversion data. We and others may employ this data to, among other things, analyze and track information, determine the demand for certain content, personalize the user experience, and better understand our users’ activity.

Third party links

We may associate with other parties and are not responsible or accountable for their behaviour.

Certain connections might be found on our mobile app, website, or emails that relate to third parties. Any third party website on our platform, apps, or our website shall have a privacy policy of their own. Our users should check their terms as well. Based on our absence of control over all third party links, BeMiGuest does not hold any liability or accountability for their privacy policies.

Web browser cookies

We employ cookies to improve our business.

Our site may employ “cookies” to enhance for operational and marketing purposes.  For the record-keeping purposes and seldom, to track data about them, our user’s web browser stores cookies on their hard drive. User may choose to set their web browser to decline or to notify them when cookies are being sent.

Your reception of our Privacy Policy 

If you use any of our product, it means you admit to our terms, and you are accountable for keeping yourself up to date on any modifications to our policy.

By using the BeMiGuest mobile app or website, our users signify their acceptance of our Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to this policy, please do not use our website or mobile application.  This Privacy Policy may be modernized from time to time for any reason. Our users, which have accepted the terms are advised to consult this Privacy Policy on a regular basis for any new modifications. Your sustained use of BeMiGuest’s mobile application or website following the posting of amendments to this policy will be deemed your acceptance of new changes.

Contacting us

Don’t hesitate to communicate with us in case you have any inquiries!

Team BeMiGuest welcomes and hopes that you do not hesitate to make any queries, requests you may have concerning our Privacy Policy.

You can reach us at