What is the point of slogging 9 to 5 every day just to make money when you can earn a decent income every month with the help of your properties? It’s the 21st century and people today are well informed about the perks of having a passive income source. Freedom of time, financial stability, time to follow dreams and what not – passive income is definitely a blessing to the modern man. In our opinion, It is the only way of escaping the rat race.

Today, there are numerous ways of making a passive income, and most of them require some form of initial effort, but soon enough, you start earning a good amount of money. And the best thing about passive income is, it doesn’t matter what you are doing – whether you’re sleeping, traveling or doing nothing at all, the money won’t stop. 

One platform which gives you the ability to make passive income is BeMiGuest. BeMiGuest facilitates ordinary people like you and me to rent properties in a hassle-free manner, without burning a hole in our pockets & make money out of it. By renting our property on BeMiGuest, we can explore the full potential of our property.

Now, you must be wondering what kind of properties can you rent on BeMiGuest, right? The answer is – properties of all shapes and sizes. Yes, BeMiGuest allows you to list properties of all kinds, ranging from private apartments to spacious villas, home clinics to private swimming pools.

rental property types

 To provide you with better insight, here are some of the common types of properties which are listed on the platform:


An apartment is an independent housing unit & occupies a part of a building. Apartments are usually flexible, maintenance-free and have much fewer upfront expenses in comparison to any other form of property. Also, the apartments vary in size. The best thing about apartments is – they make really good alternatives for hotels. 


A bungalow is a lower house with generally a wide porch on the front, without an upper floor or roof-top rooms. Bungalows provide much easier mobility for elderly people or families with small children since there is typically one floor only. Bungalows are very romantic because most of these houses were built in the early 1900s. They are perfect for spending vacations.


Traditionally, a Cabin can be described as a small house constructed from logs. Today “cabin” is a term used for an ideal holiday home in the mountains. Usually, a cabin is a single-story house. They are warm, they are cozy and they are highly insulated and energy-efficient.  And you can rent them on BeMiGuest.

Home Clinics

Yes, besides the usual residential properties, BeMiGuest lets you list vacant home-clinics as well. Doctors who have extra sets of home-clinics, which they don’t use anymore, can list them on BeMiGuest and make money from them as well.

Music Rooms

So a music room is a happy place for budding musicians to express their love for music. It is the place where they can practice and enhance their skills, band practices or prepare for upcoming musical events. People who own unused music rooms can generally list them on BeMiGuest.

Dance Studio

A dance studio is basically a place where dancers learn or rehearse. Normally, a dance studio includes one super smooth floor covering, or a hardwood floor in case of Tap-Dancing.  So in case, you have one extra dance studio at your place or you own one which hasn’t been used lately – you can generally rent it on BeMiGuest & make some extra cash out of it.

Storage Units

A lesser-known fact is, the storage industry is a huge industry that is constantly booming as a number of publicly-traded companies are making billions every year by letting people use their storage units. So, If you own some extra space, wouldn’t it be great if you could earn some extra cash every month with the same? Think about it. 

Bed Room & Living Rooms

It’s okay if you don’t have an entirely separate house which you can list on BeMiGuest. This is because, this platform allows you to rent single bed-rooms and living rooms as well for tourists, who need a room for a night or two. 

Swimming Pool

People love to party and we are no different. And in summer, there is nothing more fun than having an amazing poolside party with our family and friends. But the issue is – hiring pools are agonizingly expensive. So, if you own a swimming pool, you can rent it at cheaper rates than other service providers, and earn some extra cash to sponsor your own party. Yay!


Oh the list doesn’t really end here. On BeMiGuest, you can rent mansions, townhomes, villas, living rooms, dining tables, pets, garages, and whatnot. Every property you own and you think people will love to use it – can be listed on this amazing platform called BeMiGuest. Know how to list your property on BeMiGuest.

So what are you waiting for, Log-on to BeMiGuest.com and download the app today, to unleash your property’s true potential!