Have you got a lonely couch on which you would like to make some extra bucks? You can rent an extra bedroom? Perhaps you’ve learned about how much your friend’s hosting on BeMiGuest is doing and it made you want to rent out a dedicated unit?  Whatever your condition or inspiration may be, here are some important things to think about first.

becoming bemiguest host

1. Life Goal vs Expectancy

Yes, we all know that you want to make some hosting money on BeMiGuest, but what precisely is your goal?  Just the extra infrequent income? A secondary reliable and regular income? Substitution of income? And build a rental empire for the short term?  The amount of capital, time and risk involved in hosting on BeMiGuest will vary considerably depending on your goals.

A successful way to assess your ambitions is to decide first what kind of host you want to be.

2. Inviting Strangers In Your Property

You are practically welcoming total strangers to your home when you are listing a property on BeMiGuest.  And if you’re just renting a portion of your unit and you’re planning to stay there, you’re going to spend nights into your home under the same roof with total strangers!

If you feel uncomfortable with the idea of that alone, you will have to think very carefully about hosting on BeMiGuest.  If allowing strangers staying with you isn’t an option, locating and purchasing a dedicated rental unit is your only BeMiGuest path.

Could you interact with and host total strangers easily and reliably?

3. Time Commitment

Listing and building a successful BeMiGuest listing could take a lot of time and energy, especially at the start.  Even if you have your protocols down and you don’t spend as much time with all the reservations, you might still expect to be on emergency call whenever you get a guest staying with you.  Have you the versatility and energy to do what it takes?

4. Listing Positioning

What’s special or different about your unit?  Why would a prospective guest rather than a growing number of other good alternatives want to glance at your listing and book with you?  You will need a convincing bid that will favorably place your unit in the market. This may include everything from the photos and illustrations of what you’re going to highlight to how you’re going to price the unit.  It may take constant changes to get the right positioning as the market and competition change. Are you prepared to put your time and energy into fixing your positioning?

5. Landlord Relationships

You will need to think carefully about how to handle and interact with your landlord to host on BeMiGuest unless you own your house.  Sure, some people are hosting on BeMiGuest without the approval of their landlord, but we advise you not to do that. Something ruins a BeMiGuest deal that is otherwise successful faster than an angry tenant. Are you willing to speak candidly with them about your quick-term rental plans and show how you will remain one of their best tenants?

6. Neighbor Relations

You’re likely to have neighbors, whether you own or rent.  How do you think they would respond when they find out about your BeMiGuest hosting (not if)?  This is going to vary significantly from city to community.

If your city already has a lot of angry residents calling on the council to prohibit or limit such property renting, you’re going to want to be extra careful before listing your unit or face heavy fines. In the end, you’ll have to determine if your neighbors’ possible headaches are worth the effort to host BeMiGuest.

How are you going to respond to angry neighbors and friends?

7. Optimal Pricing

Retail prices are NOT just setting your rates for weekdays and weekends and never again.  Unless you’re all right with the benefit on the table, it takes time for optimum pricing to get correct first and keep it right while you continue to host on BeMiGuest. Is it up to you to track continuously competitive prices and special events to keep your pricing optimized for profit? Or better yet, to help you find a trusted pricing partner for the 3rd party?

8. Keeping Up With News & Market

If you want success as a BeMiGuest host, you will need to continuously learn and adapt your listing to changing trends dynamics, guest preferences, or even local law, as you can already say.  During different seasons, you might have very different types of travelers that need completely different positions. Your city can consider a ballot measure that could have a significant impact on (or shut down) your BeMiGuest page.  So, are you ready to keep up!

Being a successful host on BeMiGuest can and will interrupt your life, especially if a portfolio of units is being built. Are you ready for the interruption? Are your wife, children, or pets ready for this?