For the holidays there is no place like home, but not everybody has this privilege. Between December 23rd and January 1st, as many as 97 million people will be traveling at some point and you will need to push your holiday rental management skills into the highest gear possible to mint some good cash out of it!

Whereas heavy travel can work particularly well for your business income from holiday rentals, it also gives you the chance to make the holidays of your guests as warm and encouraging as they are at home.

Start decking the Christmas halls of your rental with our top holiday management ideas:

  • A Special Christmas Incentive Package

Consider offering a Christmas-themed package with other incentives as well, if you want to improve your holiday rental bookings during this holiday season. For example, you could combine a free welcome gift, holiday movies, free hot chocolate drinks, or other small bonuses to make your listing stand out from the rest!

With the rental, you could include these vacation rewards or allow guests to add an upload kit. Either way, it can be an effective tool for promoting your holiday rental listing to show your Christmas spirit.

  • Christmas Trees and Decorations Will Be Always Useful
Christmas tree decoration

Each space needs a little vacation cheer, and it does not have to cost much to make it available. Hang from the fireplace a few stocks. Place some decorations and garland on a tiny artificial tree. Place a few fake gifts below, add a tree hat, and you’ve got your Santa Claus vacation rental suit.

To make your holiday rental festive, you don’t have to go over the top with outdoor lights and blow-up lawn decorations. A few simple modifications will completely change your space to make it more fun and enjoyable to live with every guest.

  • Infuse Your Vacation Rental With The Sweetest Of Fragrances

Visual elements are fantastic, but it is special to put some sweet fragrances around as well. Put the power of scent marketing this holiday season to work in your Vacation Rental business. Among the most famous scents, people associate with Christmas is new pine, sugar cookies, cinnamon, gingerbread, and snow.

  • Always Remember, Little Gifts = Big Happiness
Christmas gift boxes

Everybody likes to be thanked for their service, so think about leaving something for your guests as a Thank You. You don’t have to spend much to show you care — everything that follows can make a positive impression while showing your appreciation:

  • Wine
  • Handmade Ornament
  • Christmas Decoration or Candles
  • Add Some Cozy Elements 

If your holiday rentals are seeing several feet of snow at Christmas or temperatures never fall below 60 degrees, having your space look cozy and welcoming will add to the holiday spirit of your guests.

Plush blankets, firewood piles for the fireplace, candles, and soft lighting can all lead to a more relaxed environment. Also, interior designers swear to warm a room instantly by knit materials, layers (e.g. couched blanket), furs or similar textures, and wood-based elements.

  • Let Them Take Home An Ornament From The Tree
Christmas tree ornaments

Fill your tree with special or handmade decorations, then let your guests choose one for them. You take your vacation rental souvenir home and can remember the fun times they’ve had there.

It is a small gesture that can have a significant impact, especially if in the future they need a place to stay in your area.

  • Share Your Favourite Recipes With Them

Traveling visitors may miss what to eat away from home, and nearby restaurants on Christmas Day may be closed.

Make a delicious meal simple for them by leaving behind your favorite vacation recipes. Make sure you have all the kitchen utensils they need to prepare the recommended meals and treatments.

Adding a few Christmas cheer elements can go a long way in building lasting impressions— and attracting positive reviews! Your visitors will not help but notice that you have gone the extra mile to turn your rental space into a festive atmosphere. It could be exactly what they needed to make their vacations feel as good as being at home.