Well, I don’t know how you feel about this, but Thanksgiving always sneaks up on me, before I have even put away the Halloween decorations. Suddenly, everyone and literally is chatting about the food, hefty airline booking costs and who is going where for their Thanksgiving dinner.  I have found an excellent solution for Thanksgiving since I live in the city, work full time and I’m a disastrous cook – I had to find a way to make my Thanksgiving good, and I did.

The idea is to rent a property, it can be a villa, apartment or just a vacation rental (my personal favorite) that is at a driving distance from home in some good holiday spot. The Outer Banks is a perfect one in my case. There are hundreds of great houses to rent there and it has been reported that North Carolina has a hot spell of about 70 degrees during the Thanksgiving vacation.

Or if you are more of an adventurer, you can find a place to reach via ferry.  Now you must be wondering, why should you leave the comfort of your home & go somewhere else on Thanksgiving, right? Well, according to my experiences, finding a holiday rental house in a spectacular place makes even the shortest holiday look longer and the memories you make there. they lasting longer. Whenever we travel for this beautiful occasion, we take along our traditional Thanksgiving accouterments – new serving dishes, napkins & placemats, holiday sweaters, secret family recipes and a football of course.

finding thanksgiving vacation rentals

Reasons Why Should One Rent A Vacation Rental on Thanksgiving?

There are many more reasons we suggest you find a vacation rental this Thanksgiving, some of them are: 

There Is A Lot More Space For The Extended Family

First and foremost, there is plenty of space available for everyone in such houses. Also, there are plenty of large rentable houses available out there as well. Moreover, sharing the price among everyone makes such houses a much better deal than any hotel – plus, no hotel provides a common space for charades or pillow fights. And of course, the best part – everyone can cook their favorite food and eat together as a family.

Houses With Fireplaces or Mountains, Lakes or Even Better, Ocean Views.

I live in a town and to be honest, the view from my window is not too amazing -the roof of my neighbor’s place is about 6 feet away.  And I appreciate a wide expanse of nature right outside my window! I consider it very soothing–also it is my holiday’s prime target.   It sounds better for me to turn on a gas fireplace and watch the sea & with such vacation rentals, you can do all that.

Awesome Outside Activities

Thanksgiving is the last bit of outdoor recreational activities for most of us before we need down-involving clothes. Hiking, kayaking, beach walking, and the usual football game of the family all draw me out. Also, shopping at the start of the Christmas season in small villages is also a delight.

A Real Bed For Everyone

No matter how much improved these air mattresses get, sleeping on them will never ever be as satisfying as sleeping on a real bed. Also, this perk also prevents a trip to the chiropractor as well.

Multiple TVs For Everyone

Most of the families start their Thanksgiving Day with the Macy’s parade but obviously, not everyone is a fan of it. That’s why family some family members wish to start with football matches. Well, having multiple screens available comes really handy in such cases. When the games will start, there aren’t going to be any sort of arguments over which ones to watch. 

Personal Chefs At Your Service

Okay, even if it’s not traditional, it is very much possible. Your rental home’s property manager can put you in touch with someone to cook for you.  Some houses have huge kitchens that allow everyone to cook, talk and drink in the same space, and this is really important for those who feel that cooking is a fun part of Thanksgiving. But those who feel that cooking yourself isn’t that important, that can always take some additional help.

You Don’t Have To Clean Your Home

Isn’t it a relief that you ain’t have to clean the towels or make the bed perfectly, because you aren’t going to be at your house and hence, no one is going to come at your house. Think about the number of hours saved and “Clean up your room” arguments avoided!

Off-Peak Pricing

If you’ve only rented a house “in season,” you’ll be amazed at how reasonable rates can be around Thanksgiving, which is the off-season. The savings for off-peak rates can be as much as 50%. Especially for the Thanksgiving week, some houses also have extra discounts.

Everyone’s Guest

It may be a pretty exhausting honor to be the host. Even though everyone is willing to share the cooking, no one is ready to help the host with cleaning the house of preparing the meal.  Everyone is a guest when you rent a house and thus, you will not be responsible for making beds, carrying out towels, setting the table or cleaning up.

Maid Service

And the best part, how great it is to not clean up? I mean, isn’t it wonderful to just finish off your meal & leave? I don’t even the top 9 reasons now!

How To Find A Vacation Rental

Now that we know why one should rent a Vacation home on Thanksgiving, now we should discuss how one can find a suitable rental for their holidays:

Ditch Google, Download BeMiGuest 

If a roomy, well-appointed kitchen is your top priority, We suggest you ditch Google or any other traveling app for BeMiGuest. This is because unlike other money eating websites, BeMiGuest is your one-stop-shop for vacation homes of all kinds. On BeMiGuest’s app, just type in your vacation rental platform of choice, then select the place you’re traveling to, and you’re good to go. You’ll be shown a number of properties to select from. Simply choose the one which suits your needs the most!

Scan Through The Description

Once you have selected the property which visually pleases you the most, you can scan through the description of the same to educate yourself about the property. Look out key factors like the location of the property, the traveling options available nearby & overall vibe of the place. 

Read The Reviews

You can go through hundreds of authentic reviews available about the property and the related things, left by the old guests who used the property before you. In most of cases, the reviews through light on the property really well and clears most of the doubts one has!

Talk To The Owner

Lastly, you can talk to the owner of the property. Yes, the BeMiGuest application allows you to talk to the owners of the place before you physically visit the place. And the best thing is you can do it all from the application itself. With the help of this feature, you can clear all your doubts about the property, which the description and images of the place and the reviews couldn’t clear!

Thus, according to me, the bottom line is you should definitely go somewhere this Thanksgiving and give yourself and your family members a little rest. So what are you waiting for? Book your vacation rental now, because there can’t be a better way to thank your family and show your love and gratitude towards them! Right?